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DS Series Office Space Total Solution

Integrating modern functionality, effectiveness and space aesthetics to the extreme, atmospheric and exquisite,create a strong sense of fashion and no lack of noble office space.

In the long years, the unique traditional creation, the magic of all kinds of classical art, leisure and comfortable, for you to create an extraordinary office atmosphere.

The DS-series includes office executive desks, office bookcases, office workstations (single, double, four, and six persons), office conference tables and combinations of these furniture.

DS-01T# Executive Desk
DS-01T# Executive Desk Parameters:
DS-01T2409  2400W × 900D × 750H     4545
Bookcase Parameters:
DS-03B2018  2000W × 400D × 1800H  5272
DS-03B0418    400W × 400D × 1800H  
DS-02T# Executive Desk
DS-02T# Executive Desk Parameters:
DS-02T1880   1800W × 800D × 750H   3863
DS-02T2080   2000W × 800D × 750H   4090
Bookcase Parameters:
DS-03B2018   2000W × 400D × 1800H   5272
DS-03B0418     400W × 400D × 1800H 
DS-03T# Executive Desk
DS-03T# Executive Desk Parameters:
DS-03T1616   1600W × 1600D × 750H   3409
Bookcase Parameters:
DS-03B2018   2000W × 400D × 1800H   5272
DS-03B0418     400W × 400D × 1800H 
DS-03T# Executive Desk Parameters:
DS-03T1407   1400W × 700D × 750H   2500
DS-04T# Executive Desk
DS-04T# Executive Desk Parameters:
DS-04T2016   2000W × 1600D × 750H   38639
DS-02W 4-person Office Workstation
DS-02W 4-person Office Workstation Parameters
DS-02W2812  2800W × 1200D × 1050H   4909
DS-04W 4-person Office Workstation
DS-04W 4-person Office Workstation Parameters
DS-04W2712  2760W × 1200D × 1060H   4454
DS-05W 1-person Office Workstation
DS-05W 1-person Office Workstation Parameters
DS-05W1614  1600W × 1400D × 1050H   2727
DS-01W 1-person Office Workstation Parameters
DS-01W1206  1200W × 600D × 750H   2181
DS-01W1406  1400W × 600D × 750H   2272
DS-01C Conference Table
DS-01C Conference Table Parameters:
DS-01C3214  3200W × 1400D × 750H     5527
DS-01C3615  3600W × 1500D × 750H     6218
DS-02C Conference Table
DS-02C Conference Table Parameters:
DS-02C2010  2000W × 1000D × 750H     2954
DS-02C2411  2400W × 1100D × 750H     2954

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