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5 details of the purchase of furniture for school need to pay attention


    5 details of the purchase of furniture for school need to pay attention

    Update Time:2019-03-02
    5 details of the purchase of furniture for school need to pay attention
    Schools, for the public, are the places where children are educated. Safety is certainly the number one priority. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the safety of furniture and to avoid harming the children as much as possible. Here are 5 details we need to pay attention to when buying school use furniture.
    First, weight.
    we should concern the weight of the school furniture. To avoid hurting the students, the school furniture's weight should avoid injury, especially heavy or light. What may happen is it will cause the classroom furniture to slide down when the kids move the classroom furniture, if the weight of the school furniture design isn't reasonable.
    Second, glue edge.
    Because the students' skin is very delicate and their hands are easily scratched, we should pay special attention to the school furniture's edge, and today's school furniture uses rubber instead of aluminum more and more. Due to the sharp edges of most metals, the school furniture with shiny aluminum side decoration should be cutted. The screws may also have sharp metal edges, using a special hardware fastener to cover the sharp screws. And the metal as the support of the frame, the sharp angles should be inward, as far as possible to minimize the possibility of children to touch.
    Third, parts.
    Another point to pay special attention to is to prevent students swallowing school furniture parts, reduce the child received swallowing furniture parts damage. Therefore, to reduce the supply of school furniture, hardware and other accessories, at the same time, to be guaranteed the firmness of the small parts is also very important, the child does not get out will not eat.
    Fourth, fillet.
    Anti-collision, most children are restless, running and jumping in the room is often the case, accidentally hit the desk and chair of students on the corner if students desks and chairs are sharp angle, especially easy to cause harm, rounded design is smooth, can reduce the collision damage. If the parents are not at ease, they can also buy a colloidal transparent anti collision rounded corner for students, such as desk chair, chair and so on, but the fillet is not very strong, so we need to check regularly whether it is loose or not.
    Fifth, Anti pinch.
    To anti pinch, a anti pinch damper for school furniture should be prepared. The anti pinch damper for wardrobe door, drawer door can make the door slowly rebound, so as to have time to let the children respond to pinch the imminent danger, timely pull back, not because the classroom cabinet too much force and his small fingers hurt.
    These are the five points to pay attention to the purchase of school furniture, hope to help you who is looking for classroom furniture. If you want to learn more about children furniture, just contact us.

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